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Friday, July 28, 2006

An Essay on the Importance of Intention in Magick -= Part 1 =-

The following is from an article by Aquilius Cattus and appeared in Witches' Voice. Hope you enjoy it. Adrian.

As simplistic as what I am about to say is going to sound, it is something that is important to keep in mind whenever learning, studying, or practicing any magickal path. No matter what course of magickal studies one may choose to undertake, one must always be able and willing to see beyond the exterior of such practices. One must not be afraid to dig deep beneath the rites and rituals, and to uncover what it is that actually lies underneath these useful tools. To unlock the core of any teaching, one must have the ability to develop direct insight into the very nature of their own hearts and minds, for the mind is the forerunner of all things. With this skill, any practitioner will be able to progress rapidly in the right direction on their chosen path, because even the right path will lead to a bad destination if the mind of the traveler is polluted by unskillful and ultimately corruptible intentions. The practice of magick is certainly no exception.

When we first begin the journey of exploration into our chosen field of study, religion, or magickal practice we will usually start with the basics. We will learn the correct words, phrases, motions, ceremonies, procedures, and all of the various do’s and don’ts associated with them. From there, we will probably learn the meanings behind what we have initially learned. We will learn the definitions of the words and phrases, the reasoning behind the motions, the symbolism behind the ceremonies, and the methodology behind the procedures. Subsequently, the last step is generally learning how to apply all of these things to our present lives and experiences. Regardless of what path of practice we may immerse ourselves in, this is going to be the basic outline of the learning process. It is rare to have any structured way of learning deviate from this basic pattern. Therefore, while this process is relatively standard, I feel that some of the specific keys to the magician’s success should be elaborated upon because they are sometimes overlooked.

In my experience, the danger often lies in two things. One is when the magician clings to one way of practice without a proper understanding of why it is useful in the first place. The second is when they blindly wield their power without the knowledge of how to use it wisely and skillfully. It is the second danger that I wish to explore here. It is hard to give a simple example of what I mean, but the basic premise is to understand what our intentions actually are, and just where our intentions lie in relation to the fulfillment of our desires. When we understand exactly what it is that we are doing, and the reasons.

Part 2 tomorrow


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