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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Protecting and Shielding With Herbs

The following was taken from an article in Witches' Voice. You can see the full article there.
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There are many different ways of protecting and shielding, but I am not sure that everyone will wish to discuss or open up about how they shield or protect themselves. Personally , I don't wish to tell anyone everything about how I accomplish this. I hope that no one takes offense; it's just a personal decision. If I tell everyone how I shield, I am opening myself up for any person to figure out how to "attack" or "break through" my shields if they so chose. While it's not likely that anyone would want to, let's face it, this is a public domain, and breaking through shields can be done. Rather than discussing some of my most private and personal ways of doing this, then, I choose to share my knowledge and experience of a particular form of Earth Magic. And that form is how to protect oneself or shield oneself with herbs.

Herbs , as most of us already know , have different spiritual, medicinal and magical properties. Spiritually, they can aid healing and cleansing of thespirit/soul , mind and/or heart (and chakras.) Medicinally, they can assist in the healing of physical ailments and/or illnesses , and magically, they can aid in the casting and/or production of spells and/or bending of the will toward the acquisition of personal desires. If we study herbology long and hard enough, we can learn how to use herbs to our benefit in each of these ways.

There are many hundreds of thousands of herbs that our lovely Mother has provided us., and there is no way to learn them all in a lifetime. Even the most knowledgeable herbalists realize that learning about herbs is a continual study, practice and process. The study of herbs , depending on how far one wishes to take it , can become complex and difficult. It's almost as hard as going to pharmacology school! In fact , in my opinion, the study of herbs and all of their properties can be much harder than pharmacology school. Unlike standard western medicines and synthetics, herbs are not federally regulated; they encompass a broad spectrum of uses, ultimately leaving it up to the individual to learn about them, whereas in pharmacology a person only learns what the federal government "allows" and what the school teaches. Moreover, there are many, many more herbs than there are federally recognized and standardized drugs! But as most of us already know, 90% of the drugs we do have are extracted from herbs; medicines have been coming from our Mother Earth since the beginning of humankind and the emergence of our innate desire to help those in need.


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