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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Thoughts On Becoming A Witch

As you may know there is no conversion to witchcraft or Wicca. Yet both witchcraft and Wicca are religions with many traditions or denominations. So how does one become a witch?

From the witchcraft and Wicca points of view, intrinsically wholesome religions are those very few that are harmless to all people and that encourage spiritual growth. So, remaining in a wholesome religion or finding one is best for most people.

But clearly this is not true of everyone. There are some few that are drawn to witchcraft. It is a personal realization of a state of being.

In orthodox Gardnerian Wicca and their elk, it is taught that "only a witch can make a witch." In other words, a witch is made only by being initiated by a duly initiated witch, who was in turn initiated be a duly initiated witch… Well, if this is true, who initiated the first witch?

In the real world, the truth is that witches are born, but they need to be trained and brought in tune with the universe and its forces. For many hundreds of years in Britain, witches were witches because they were born into families, or had neighbours, that taught them healing, herbalism, or whatever interested them. Classes were not held. Believe it or not, young men and women didn't study under guidelines set by a Gardner or a Cochrane.

It was a natural process devoid of very much ritual; instead these kind people were raised to live in harmony with nature. Most lived in villages, some on farms, but it didn't matter where they lived, nor did anyone care if they were ceremonially declared a witch. Such a thing would have seemed quite peculiar. Instead they simply were witches.

Witches are witches because they sense a calling. They have a positive feeling that selecting the pagan path is simply correct and that it seems in harmony with their spirit. The usual feeling of a Seeker who is coming closer to witchcraft or Wicca is one of inner peace and happiness. There is a prevailing feeling that they are truly home.

If you feel a calling to witchcraft or Wicca, you are already a Seeker. Traditionally, the term witch would only be used when someone had many years of experience. In fact, the term was hardly used at all.

If you are new to the world of witchcraft or Wicca, there are many traditions or denominations. But before doing anything, you need to read. Your local library should have many books available (except in the Bible Belt).

Look at Blue Moon Manor website for more information.



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