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Friday, July 07, 2006

What is Magick? - Part 6

This is Part 6, the last in this series, What is Magick. Each Part is an edited version of the entire article found at What is Magick? at Controverscial.com. This article was written and compiled by George Knowles, of whom we are very appreciative. I have divided the original article into sections because of length. You can visit Controverscial.com, a source of good information.


The Self (Grounding and Centering)

Finally a note of caution to anyone new to using magick. Magick begins within the self. Its already there in the back of the mind where it's tied up with our energy and mental facilities. When working with magick you can be working with some powerful energy and forces. Repeated or excessive use of magick without proper care and attention to the self, deplete's the self's resources and can lead to debilitating personal health difficulties, such as mental exhausion, headaches and migraines etc.

To combat these difficulties, witches use a technique called "Grounding and Centering". Before any ritual, magical working or divinatory activity, a witch will first 'Ground and Center' to booster the self's resources by infusing 'Personal Power' with 'Earth Power' using the techniques already mentioned above. This technique can also be used to calm fear, anxiety and agitation.

To do this, plant your feet firmly on the ground (some people prefer to do this bare footed, standing on bare earth or grass, but it can also be done seated and regardless of where one is or how one is dressed). Close your eyes, blank your mind and steady yourself. Inhale a slow deep breath and release it slowly while visualizing any retained negative energy or influences flowing out of the body through your feet and dispersing harmlessly into the ground. Inhale again while visualizing positive 'Earth' energy being drawn up into the body throught the feet. Repeat this process untill you feel that all your negativity has been released and the incoming energy has touch and infused all your body's chakra points (these are the seven zones within the body that retain energy, the subject of another lesson, but later). You should now be feeling calm and energized to commence with your magical workings.

Once the rite or working is complete, repeat this excersize to disperse any residual energy. Most witches then follow up with a 'Cake and Ale' ritual, food and drink to replace and replenish spent energy.

Once your work is done and all is completed, a period of self-analyses should follow. Carefully monitor the subject of your magic and record your experiences in your 'Book of Shadows'. This will provide you valuable information for future workings.
That ends this series. I hope you enjoyed it. Adrian


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