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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Can anyone become a Trad Witch? Can someone be a Christian Witch?

I thought I would comment on a two questions I am often asked. Can anyone become a Traditional Witch? And, can someone be a Christian Witch?

Anyone that has a true interest in Traditional Witchcraft, who shares our beliefs and mind-set, who has the dedication necessary to live our lifestyle, and is able to master the techniques required, can become a Traditional Witch, or Traditional Crafter
, as many preferred to be called. However, few people are willing to delve into our spirituality because it is too unconventional. However, for a few, becoming a seeker is a highly rewarding and liberating experience.

Some seekers wish to hold onto Christianity in one way or another, while they walk our path. Now, I will admit there are some groups that seem to think this is acceptable. However, in my opinion, this is not possible, much less acceptable. Christianity and our fundamental pagan beliefs and values are at complete and total opposites. There is an article on this topic on the Blue Moon Manor website. You can find it by going to Articles on the navigation bar.

There is one point I wish to make clear. It is not that we are anti-Christian. Rather, it is that we hold no interest in their religion.

Inevitably, those coming to any pagan religion including Traditional Witchcraft will have to make a decision at some early point and pick one or the other.