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Friday, August 18, 2006

Question: Is Trad Witchcraft a religion?

I have received several questions like this.


Trad Witchcraft, or the Traditional Witchcraft of Britain, has the ingredients of any true religion as defined by many academics. It has a deep spiritual dimension which includes belief in the gods and rituals.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Question: Are witches born?

No. In order to become a witch, it is necessary to become a practitioner of the religion.

Traditions, or Trads, in Traditional Witchcraft in Britain each have their own separate variations in beliefs and practices particular to that Trad. What is common in the process of becoming a Trad seeker is 1) a conscious decision to follow the Old Ways and become a witch, and study and practice.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Censer & Incense

The censer or thurible is a container or stand for burning incense. On an alter, any form of incense may be used, including stick, cone, or pebble.

If you use cone incense, the censer may become very hot, so a potholder (thoughtfully placed near the cone censer) would be convenient.

Pebble incense is lit and burned with the use of a special charcoal made for burning incense. In my opinion, pebble incense is best used out of doors, as the fragrance can get (shall we say) pungent, and the thing can even become smoky.

Some folks who use pebble incense will say they very much prefer it, and say it with a straight face. If you do try to use pebble incense and charcoal indoors, know that opening the windows does not effect the compass (circle).

Personally, I use stick incense only.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Nature of Curses & How to Eliminate

Do you think someone placed a curse on you, someone you know, or on your family? Well, here is very good news for you.

First, understand that few people seem to realize that the power behind all curses is the fear factor of the recipient or victim. Curses are not like good spells, curses depend on negative energy, and negative energy is easily disbursed. In effect, a curse depends on the psychological effect on the recipient or victim. It is the fear generated by the victim that powers the curse! Therefore, as amazing as it sounds, no course said by anyone has any power of its own. It’s the victim that supplies the power, and they supply it OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL.

Of course many would not like you to know this secret, because it is very easy to discharge a curse. Simply deprive the curse of your energy.

How to Eliminate a Curse

1) Knowledge is power. You now know that you have a power over the curse. That power is the ability to cut off the curse's muscle by cutting off your fear. To do this, if you are a victim, consciously visualize a faucet of water. The water is your energy and it nourishes the curse with the energy you provide.

Now turn off the faucet. The water has now stopped. The curse is no longer getting any energy. No energy means no curse. The curse is of no effect. It is gone.

2) It is not necessary to say a spell to remove a curse. But I know that some of you would like a spell as a helper. So, here is one.

You will need:
A quiet place
1 white candle (any size, new or used) in a candle holder
An incense stick and holder. Use pine incense if handy. If not, then use blue berry, myrrh, musk, lotus, cinnamon, frankincense, honeysuckle, jasmine, rose, or sandalwood.
Matches for lighting the candle and incense

If you are Pagan or Wiccan, cast a circle in regular manner, at any time of day or night, although the night of a full moon is always better.
Light the white candle, and place on a table. If you have an alter, then place on alter.
Be seated in front of the lit candle.
Light the incense.

Be perfectly quiet and look at the candle's flame for one minute. You can also close your eyes if you prefer. After about one minute say the following:

Candle flame that flickers bright,
Rid negative energy with your light.
Herb for healing,
Herb for hope,
Herb for strength,
Help me cope.

I call upon my Guardian Spirit and all other friendly spirits to come and witness and aid me in this healing.

[Wait a few seconds then continue:]

All curses great or small,
From near or far,
However sent,
Of whatever intent,
I now command you to be spent,
Dissolve and go away,
Ye not have me as your prey.
Now leave me (or name) without delay,
Thus by my command,
I'm (or name is) free of torment,
As it is my will,
So mote it be!

This ends the ritual.
Sniff or pinch out the candle.

With my best regards,

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