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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tarot Interpretation

This is an interesting article from Metereligion, one of my fav websites. It has been edited. Adrian

Interpretation of the Tarot comes completely from what the cards signify to you. Many use the books that occompany every deck, holding the "true" interpretations of the cards. The books are there to start you off, not confine you to the parameters of the authors opinion. Even though they published the deck, remember, the Tarot connects with your Inner Self, the author simply doesn't have room to be the middle man.

Interpretation comes in three separate aspects. The meaning of the:

  • Individual Card

  • Position of the Spread

  • Overall Reading

Which is the most important?

Most believe the individual card meanings are most important. This is untrue. Where does this leave us? [T]he most important and accurate interpretations come from you. Which ever aspect seems more significant at the time, that's the one that is most significant.

When interpreting individual cards, look at the card and figure out what you see and the implications it gives. However it comes to you, let the thoughts flow, and the interpretation will flow also.

Positions in a spread exist in a logical pattern that suggests the relationship between cards. Positions often imply a chronological state or influence, helping to establish a workable time frame for the reader. The spread positions define the origins of the energies being interpreted.

Becoming a fluent reader does not happen over night. Rather, it takes many hours spent familiarizing yourself with your deck and strengthening the connection between your consciousness and Inner Self.


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