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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Magic Vs. Prayer

There are two means available to us to change life's circumstances, magic and prayer. They have three things in common: 1) both refuse to accept the status quo; 2) both assume the ability to affect change; 3) and both require a belief that the procedure could work.

"Could" work?

Of course, while we have "faith" in the process as a workable solution, this faith should be tempered with a realization that just because we want something, doesn't mean we can have it. Sometimes the answer is "no". Some things are not meant to be changed.

Magic and prayer are two distinct approaches to problem solving. Magic is the belief that supernatural forces can be influenced and manipulated by executing a ritualistic formula, either physical or verbal. For magic to work, energy must be manipulated. The seeker or witch takes the active role in the manipulation. The energy can be from any
source, herbal energy, a spiritual force, God energy, an Elemental or planetary energy, etc.

This manipulation is what takes magic beyond the scope of prayer.

Prayer is a conversational request. It is not a ritual as much as a submitted application for assistance. It is asking God to manipulate change.

It is a paradox that Christian hymn verse and set liturgy glorifying God is magic! This is so because the hymns and liturgy are based on "the belief that supernatural forces can be influenced and manipulated by executing a ritualistic formula." The worshipper or congregant takes the active role in the manipulation, albeit without a conscious intent to
manipulate. But manipulation it certainly is.

Magic and prayer are two distinctly different approaches, nevertheless they utilize a means to achieve the same result.

by Adrian
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